[clearance] Sideways Tread Leadville

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Comes with the classic suede footbed and the ATS laces only.

The sideways tread Leadville has almost all the same great qualities as the Leadville sandal. The only difference is that the tread on the sole is running front to back instead of side to side. The sideways tread sandals have only slightly less traction than the Leadville. Performance-wise this difference is not noticeable in most situations and only slightly noticeable on steep, slick surfaces. Everything else about them is exactly the same as the Leadville model.

Why sideways tread? Sometimes when we cut out Leadville sandals we end up with pieces of soling material that are not big enough to fit a sandal with the correct tread direction, but the pieces are big enough to fit a sandal with the tread running the wrong direction. Sideways tread Leadvilles are a great option for anyone looking to get new sandals at a big discount.

See the Leadville page for a longer product description and more pictures.