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Traditional Leadville Pacer

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** The Traditional Leadville Pacer and other traditional-style sandals use traditional laces and tying styles. If you're looking for a slip-on, simply adjustable lacing option, visit the regular Leadville Pacer, Mono, Venado, and Leadville product pages. **

The Leadville Pacer is a light and lean 9mm trail sandal that is a slightly thinner version of the 11mm Leadville model. It provides enough protection to handle just about any trail while offering a little more ground feel than the classic Leadville. It uses a Vibram sole that is light, durable, and has an aggressive tread pattern.

The Leadville Pacer comes with our new MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed, which maintains the black, low profile, look of the naked top Lunas while improving traction and durability.

The 1mm vegan footbed adds reinforcement to the toe and ankle holes without significantly increasing total sole thickness or detracting from ground feel. Lunas with the MGT footbed are more slip resistant on trails and in wet conditions.


Traditional Laces:

Traditional laces have been used for thousands of years on huaraches sandals. They’re secure, stylish, and infinitely adjustable with multi tying and wearing methods.

All sandals ordered with traditional laces are tied with a traditional overhand knot, but with our countersunk method the knot will sit deeper in the sandal making it longer lasting and less prone to abrasion. A washer is added between the knot and sandal to prevent the knot from pulling through the toe hole.

Traditional Ribbon laces are our most comfortable traditional lacing option yet. The ribbon is the same material used between the toes on our ATS laces, but for the entire length of the lace. If you love traditional laces, but have trouble with irritation from our thicker leather laces, give our Traditional Ribbon a try.

¼” traditional leather laces are a high quality wax impregnated latigo lace. These laces are strong and comfortable.

The ⅜” traditional leather laces are 10mm wide (all other traditional laces are about 6mm wide), adding extra security and strength to your sandals. These laces may not be as comfortable for those that are new to wearing huaraches as they are very thick and sturdy between the toes.

Braided hemp laces that are soft, comfortable, vegan, and get tighter when wet, giving them a distinct advantage over other traditional lacing in wet weather. Hemp laces do tend to break more often than other traditional lacing, making reties more frequent.

Be sure to check the Instructions menu for videos displaying different tying methods, tips, and more for all our lacing options. Or check out our YouTube channel.